Class 10 CBSE Editing Exercises With Explanations

This class 10 editing exercise is helpful for all students preparing for CBSE Class 10 English examination.

The following passage has not been edited. There is an error in each line. Identify the error, correct it and write your answers in the respective blank spaces. Underline the correct answer. The first one has been done for you.

Error Correction
Our tri-colour flag was born in July 22, 1947 at the Constituent (a)inon
Assembly. It is three stripes of equal width. In the centre of (b)
the white band are a navy blue wheel with 24 spokes (Dharma Chakra). (c)
The saffron stripe on the top signify courage, sacrifice and the spirit (d)
of renunciation. Our leaders must be indifferent with material gains and (e)
dedicate them towards the well being of our nation. (f)
The white stripe at the middle signifies purity and truth. The (g)
green stripe at the bottom stands of faith and fertility. (h)


a) error – in / correction – on (We use on before days and dates – on Monday, on the 26th of January)

b) error – is / correction – has (Use has/have to indicate possession. Here we use has because the subject is the singular pronoun it)

c) error – are / correction – is (Here the real subject is the singular noun a navy blue wheel)

d) error – signify / correction – signifies (Here the subject is the singular noun the saffron stripe)

e) error – with / correction – to (Use to with indifferent)

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f) error – them / correction – themselves (Our leaders must dedicate themselves; when the subject and the object refer to the same pronoun, the reflexive pronoun is used for the object.)

g) error – at / correction – in (We say in the middle, not at the middle)

h) error – of / correction – for (Use for with stand; stand for)

Editing exercises for class 10 CBSE

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