Editing Exercise For Class 9 CBSE

The following passage has not been edited. There is an error in each line. Identify the error, correct it and write both the erroneous word and the correction in the space provided. The first one has been done for you.

Eight year old Priyanka Kargupta is a regularly kid. She likes playing (a)regularlyregular
by her pet dog and toys. But unlike most kids her age, Priyanka (b)
is sensitive to the happenings around her. That is so she decided (c)
to do her bit to help the victims of Mumbai siege when much kids (d)
her age preferred to watch from the sidelines. Priyanka lives on (e)
Maryland , USA . She is set up a webpage kidsformumbai.org (f)
to help children injuring or orphaned by the Mumbai terror attacks. (g)


a) Error – regularly; correction – regular

b) Error – by; correction – with

c) Error – so; correction – why

d) Error – much; correction – most

e) Error – on; correction – in

f) Error – is; correction – has

g) Error – injuring; correction – injured

Editing exercises for class 9

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