Editing Exercises For Class 9 CBSE

This editing exercise for class 9 CBSE will help you score higher marks in your class 9 CBSE English paper.

Editing exercise 1

The following passage has not been edited. There is an error in each line. Identify the error, correct it and write the error and correction against the correct question number. The first one has been done for you.

Australian aborigines are thinking to have migrated from (a)thinkingthought
Southeast Asia . They remained isolated of outside influences (b)
up to the arrival of the Europeans. In 1788 the first British (c)
settlement was made. Within 1829 the whole continent was a (d)
British dependency. A constitution drafted on 1897–98 (e)
brought out a confederation of the separate Australian (f)
colonies. British intervention of Australian affairs (g)
were formally abolished in 1986. (h)


a) Error – thinking / correction – thought (Are thought is a passive verb form.)

b) Error – of / correction – from (Isolated should be followed by from.)

c) Error – up to / correction – until (Until shows time; I waited until 5 o’clock. Up to shows distance. We walked up to the edge of the field.)

d) Error – within / correction – by (By 1829 means in or before 1829.)

e) Error – on / correction – in (Use in before years.)

f) Error – up / correction – about (To bring about is to cause something to happen; to bring up is to raise a child etc.)

g) Error – of / correction – in (Intervention should be followed by in.)

h) Error – were / correction – was (Here the subject is the singular noun British intervention; hence, we use was, not were.)

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