Change Statements Into Questions | Class 5 Grammar Worksheet

Change the statements given below into questions.

In the simple present tense, make questions by putting do or does before the subject. Use do with plural subjects and I. Use does with singular subjects.

In the simple past tense, make questions by putting did before the subject.

1. I met him there yesterday.

2. She recognized him instantly.

3. He knows the answer.

4. He works in a factory in Mumbai.

5. She speaks English fluently.

6. Sam wants to be an engineer.

7. Martha lives alone.

8. She feeds cats.

9. He never listens to you.

10. Rani wants to act in a movie.

11. Sanju sings really well.

12. My parents earn a hefty salary.

13. All of his sons serve in the army?

14. They went around the town.

15. I ate an apple in the morning.

16. Shyam saw Raju in the store.


1. Did you meet him there yesterday?

2. Did she recognize him instantly?

3. Does he know the answer?

4. Does he work in a factory in Mumbai?

5. Does she speak English fluently?

6. Does Sam want to be an engineer?

7. Does Martha live alone?

8. Does she feed cats?

9. Does he ever listen to you?

10. Does Rani want to act in a movie?

11. Does Sanju sing really well?

12. Do your parents earn a hefty salary?

13. Do all of his sons serve in the army?

14. Did they go around the town?

15. Did you eat an apple in the morning?

16. Did Shyam see Raju in the store?

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