Agent Nouns

Agent nouns are nouns that denote a person or thing performing a certain job. You can form agent nouns by using the following suffixes.

By adding the suffix –er

Work – worker (agent noun – worker)

Compose – composer (If the word ends in –e, add –r to form the agent noun.)

Run – runner (Sometimes you have to double the consonant before adding –er.)

Sing – singer

Dance – dancer

Play – player

Write – writer

Cricket – cricketer

By adding the suffix –or

Act – actor

Create – creator (If the word ends in –e, remove the –e, before adding –or.)

Destruct – destructor

Construct – constructor

Generate – generator

By adding the suffix –ian

Magic – magician

Library – librarian (If the word ends in –y, drop the –y before adding –ian.)

By adding the suffix – ist

Art – artist

Zoology – zoologist (If the word ends in –y, drop –y and then add –ist.)

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