Telephone Etiquette

When you make a call, identify yourself and then ask for the person you wish to speak with. For instance say something like this: ‘This is Raj. May I speak with Shyam?’ While leaving voice mail messages, always identify yourself, and state clearly the phone number you can be reached on. Speak slowly, distinctly and keep your message precise. Speaker phones must be used carefully. While using them, refrain from discussing anything confidential.

Hold the line

If you need to leave the line to get some information, give the caller the option to wait or have you call back. In the event of taking a call on behalf of another person, identify yourself, offer to take a message and remember to convey it.

Be a good listener

Listen actively and encourage the speaker by giving appropriate cues. Do not interrupt while the other person is talking as it will break the line of thought.

Wrong number

If you happen to dial a wrong number while making a call, don’t terminate the call abruptly. Apologise to the receiver for having caused an interruption.

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