Sports Quiz 1

Choose the correct answer.

1. Who is the first Tour de France winner to fail a drugs test?

a) Roberto Heras b) Floyd Landis c) Armstrong d) None of these

2. Who won the British Open Golf tournament in 2006?

a. Tiger woods b) Todd Hamilton c) Ben Curtis d) None of these

3. Who is the only golfer to have recorded a hat-trick at the British Open?

a) Peter Thomson b) Jack Nicklaus c) David Duval d) None of these

4. Lewis Hamilton is from

a) USA b) France c) Britain d) Spain

5. Only two Indian batsmen have scored a double century in England. Sunil Gavaskar is the first. Who is the second?

a) Sachin Tendulkar b) Dhoni c) Kapil Dev d) Rahul Dravid


1. Floyd Landis

2. Tiger Woods

3. Peter Thomson

4. Britain

5. Rahul Dravid

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