NTSE Prep | GK | Honours And Awards Quiz 2

Here are some general knowledge questions and answers about honours and awards. This question bank will benefit students preparing for various competitive examinations like NTSE and Bank tests.

NTSE SAT Preparation | GK

1. When did Mother Teresa win the Nobel Peace Prize?

a) 1979
b) 1975
c) 1981
d) 1982

2. Besides Roosevelt, who among the following Presidents of America has won the Nobel Peace Prize?

a) Thomas Jefforson
b) Bill Clinton
c) Wudro Wilson
d) none of these

3. Which of the following awards was instituted by Shanti Prasad Jain?

a) Vyas Samman
b) Shankar Samman
c) Jnanpith award
d) Kabir Award

4. Who was the first Indian to win the Booker Prize?

a) Arundathi Roy
b) Salman Rushdie
c) VS Naipaul
d) Jhumpa Lahiri

5. Who was the first winner of Gandhi Peace Prize?

a) AT Aryaratne
b) Julius Nerera
c) Nelson Mandela
d) none of these

6. The Annual Academy awards are better known as

a) Nobel Prize
b) Magsasay Award
c) Oscar Award
d) None of these

7. Contribution to which field is honoured by the Kalinga award?

a) Science and Technology
b) Literature
c) Peace
d) environmental protection

8. Who among the following has won the Polar Music Award instituted by the Royal Music Academy, Sweden?

a) Sakir Hussein
b) Pundit Ravi Shankar
c) Bismillah Khan
d) Allah Rakha Khan

9. Who was the first foreigner to win the Bharat Ratna?

a) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
b) Winston Churchill
c) Nelson Madela
d) Benazir Bhutto

10. Which one of the following awards is given for contribution to poetry?

a) Kabir award
b) Kalidas Samman
c) Saraswathy Samman
d) Vyas Samman


1. 1979
2. Wudro Wilson
3. Jnanpith award
4. Salman Rushdie
5. Julius Nerera
6. Oscar Award
7. Science and Technology
8. Pundit Ravi Shankar
9. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
10. Kabir award

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