Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 10 | TN Board

Sentences are given in the past continuous tense. Change them into the passive voice.

In the past continuous tense, we make the passive verb form by putting was/were + being before the past participle form of the verb. This passive voice worksheet is helpful for students preparing for their class 10 English exam conducted by various state boards like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka and AP.

Passive voice worksheet for class 10

1. I was watering the plants.

2. She was singing a song.

3. He was cutting the logs.

4. I was writing my exam.

5. He was chopping the logs.

6. The mother was nursing the baby.

7. She was telling a story.

8. She was reading my letters.

9. I was assisting him in the kitchen.

10. Dad was fixing his bike.

11. She was solving the puzzles.

12. He was drafting the report.


1. The plants were being watered by me.

2. A song was being sung by her.

3. The logs were being cut by him.

4. My exam was being written by me.

5. The logs were being chopped by him.

6. The baby was being nursed by the mother.

7. A story was being told by her.

8. My letters were being read by her.

9. He was being assisted by me in the kitchen.

10. The bike was being fixed by Dad.

11. The puzzles were being solved by her.

12. The report was being drafted by him.

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