NTSE Model English Test Paper 1

Prepare for NTSE English Test paper with this grammar exercise. Each question given below contains a blank space. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word or phrase.

NTSE English Test Paper 1

1. We bought some apples ——————- we extracted the juice.

a) for which
b) from which
c) on which
d) with which

Answer: from which

2. When the storm subsided, we —————– the next village.

a) continued to
b) continued on to
c) continued on
d) were continued on to

Answer: continued to
(There is no need to use continued on to, because here on repeats the same idea.)

3. If you can’t answer all the questions, you will need ————- to the passage.

a) to refer
b) to refer back
c) referring back
d) referring

Answer: to refer
(There is no need to use to refer back, because here back repeats the same idea.)

4. I managed to do ————– in the test despite not feeling —————-.

a) well, well
b) good, well
c) well, good
d) good, good

Answer: well, well

5. Neither Jane nor —————– have been to the opera.

a) me
b) I
c) he
d) him

Answer: I
(After neither and nor, we use subject pronouns (he, I, she, they etc.), not object pronouns (him, me, her, them)

6. He thinks that —————- two can win the doubles match.

a) me
b) we
c) us
d) them

Answer: we

7. Between you and ———– I don’t trust him.

a) me
b) I
c) He
d) We

Answer: me (after a preposition, object pronouns are used.)

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8. ————— by rain we took shelter under a tree.

a) driving
b) driven
c) being driving
d) been driven

Answer: driven

9. —————- vividly, the lighting struck the tall building.

a) having flashed
b) being flashed
c) flashed
d) flashing

Answer: flashing

10. He has been convicted of speeding previously. —————- he should not have exceeded the limit again.

a) instead
b) in this case
c) despite this
d) meanwhile

Answer: in this case

11. She was given the best treatment; ————– she died soon after.

a) despite this
b) as a result
c) by contrast
d) instead

Answer: despite this

12. The people in Switzerland work hard; —————- Australians are considered to be lazy.

a) meanwhile
b) notwithstanding
c) by contrast
d) instead

Answer: by contrast

13. Alice went on a diet; —————– she lost five kilograms.

a) by contrast
b) as a result
c) meanwhile
d) despite this

Answer: as a result

14. John decided not to receive a present; ————- he asked for a cheque from his parents.

a) meanwhile
b) despite this
c) instead
d) as a result

Answer: instead

15. Will you —————- the good tennis balls from the worn ones.

a) separate
b) separate out
c) separate off
d) separate out on

Answer: separate
(There is no need to use separate out, because here out repeats the same idea.)

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