NTSE Preparation | Model Science Paper 2

Answer the following questions.

1. Which of the following is a device for storing electric charge?

a) capacitor
b) counter
c) compass
d) cyclotron

2. Which of the following is a device for the detection and measurement of high energy atomic radiation?

a) counter
b) nuclear reactor
c) cyclotron
d) capacitor

3. Which one of the following completed the 100th anniversary of its discovery in 1995?

a) detergents
b) photography
c) X-rays
d) diesel engine

4. Which one of the following units represents the largest amount of energy?

a) calorie
b) Joule
c) Erg
d) Electron volt

5. Heating element of an electric heater is made up of

a) Tungsten
b) Graphite
c) Chromium
d) Nichrome

6. Dry sand appears bright while wet sand appears dark because of

a) reflection
b) refraction
c) optical illusion
d) diffraction

7. In an oil lamp, the oil rises in the wick due to

a) capillary action
b) atmospheric pressure
c) viscosity of oil
d) change in temperature

8. For which of the following purposes is a transformer used?

a) conversion of DC into AC
b) Regulation of fluctuation of voltage
c) measurement of flow of electricity
d) conversion of low voltage into high voltage and vice versa

9. Safety wire used in electronic circuits is made up of material having

a) low melting point
b) high resistance
c) high melting point
d) low specific heat

10. How many colours the sunlight spectrum has?

a) four
b) five
c) three
d) seven


1. capacitor
2. counter
3. X-rays
4. calorie
5. Nichrome
6. reflection
7. capillary action
8. conversion of low voltage into high voltage and vice versa
9. low melting point
10. seven

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