Main Clause And Subordinate Clause Worksheet For Class 7

Identify the main clause and subordinate clause in the following sentences.


Subordinate clauses begin with subordinating conjunctions (as, since, because, when, before, after, though, if, whether) or relative pronouns (that, who, which, where, whose)

1. She said that she was hungry.

2. Do you know where he lives?

3. As he was ill, he didn’t go to school.

4. Though I studied well, I could not get good marks.

5. I asked him if he was free.

6. She insisted until I said Yes.

7. He asked me what I was doing there.

8. This is the child whose dad is a sailor.

9. He started shouting before I had said a word.

10. After he finished his studies, he started looking for work.

11. It was raining when we reached his place.

12. This is the estate that belongs to my grandfather.


1. She said (main clause) that she was hungry (subordinate clause).

2. Do you know (main clause) where he lives (subordinate clause)?

3. As he was ill (subordinate clause), he didn’t go to school (main clause).

4. Though I studied well (subordinate clause), I could not get good marks (main clause).

5. I asked him (main clause) if he was free (subordinate clause).

6. She insisted (main clause) until I said Yes (subordinate clause).

7. He asked me (main clause) what I was doing there (subordinate clause).

8. This is the child (main clause) whose dad is a sailor (subordinate clause).

9. He started shouting (main clause) before I had said a word (subordinate clause).

10. After he finished his studies (subordinate clause), he started looking for work (main clause).

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11. It was raining (main clause) when we reached his place (subordinate clause).

12. This is the estate (main clause) that belongs to my grandfather (subordinate clause).

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