Finite And Non-Finite Verbs Worksheet For Class 8

Underline the finite and non-finite verbs in the following sentences.

1. He enjoys reading a lot.

2. I went there to inspect the place.

3. I don’t want to leave now.

4. It takes some effort to win the trust of a cat.

5. I am going to return this to the shop.

6. The passengers rushed to board the train.

7. I am busy cooking now.

8. It took me an hour to finish the job.

9. We have decided to launch a new campaign.

10. Don’t forget to ask him about his work.

11. I want to talk to the manager.

12. My mother encouraged me to apply for that job.

13. They stopped us from entering their home.

14. She didn’t allow me to go.

15. I have bought something for us to eat.

16. The teacher asked us to learn the poem by heart.

17. The guards advised us to stay away from the cliff.

18. Mother suggested changing the toothbrush.

19. They refused to let us in.

20. I want to ask you a question.

21. I went to the store to buy some rice.

22. I look forward to seeing you.

23. We can’t afford to wait any longer.

24. I have bought a dish washer to save time.

25. She doesn’t have to wait any longer.


1. Finite: enjoys; non-finite: reading

2. Finite: went; non-finite: to inspect

3. Finite: don’t want; non-finite: to leave

4. Finite: takes; non-finite: to win

5. Finite: am going; non-finite: to return

6. Finite: rushed; non-finite: to board

7. Finite: am busy; non-finite: cooking

8. Finite: took; non-finite: to finish

9. Finite: have decided; non-finite: to launch

10. Finite: Don’t forget; non-finite: to ask

11. Finite: want; non-finite: to talk

12. Finite: encouraged; non-finite: to apply

13. Finite: stopped; non-finite: entering

14. Finite: didn’t allow; non-finite: to go

15. Finite: have bought; non-finite: to eat

16. Finite: asked; non-finite: to learn

17. Finite: advised; non-finite: to stay

18. Finite: suggested; non-finite: changing

19. Finite: refused; non-finite: to let

20. Finite: want; non-finite: to ask

21. Finite: went; non-finite: to buy

22. Finite: look; non-finite: seeing

23. Finite: can’t afford; non-finite: to wait

24. Finite: have bought; non-finite: to save

25. Finite: doesn’t have; non-finite: to wait

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