NCERT Class 5 English Unit 1 Solutions

Ice Cream Man | Textbook Questions and Solutions

1. In which season is ice-cream popular?

Ice-cream is popular in the summer season.

2. Who feels joyful on seeing the ice-cream man?

Children feel joyful on seeing the ice-cream man.

3. Name the different flavours of ice-cream the ice-cream man has in his cart?

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry

4. What are the two things that the ice-cream man is selling?

He sells ice-creams of various flavours and cool drinks.

5. What is the ice-cream cart compared to in the poem?

The ice-cream cart is compared to a flower bed of roses and sweet peas. Just as honeybees stay attached the sweet flowers, children cluster around the ice cream cart.

Having an ice-cream on a hot summer day is exciting and enjoyable.

1. Write about some exciting and enjoyable things that one can do in the winter season.

In the winter season we can drink hot tea or coffee, go skating, make snowman, eat hot and spicy food or just cuddle next to our mom.

2. List as many summer activities as you can

  • Eat ice-cream
  • Play indoor games like chess or carroms
  • Go swimming
  • Go to the beach
  • Join summer camps
  • Play outdoor games like football or badminton

3. Now group these activities into indoor and outdoor games

Indoor activities

  • Chess
  • Carroms

Outdoor activities

  • Swimming
  • Football
  • Playing on the beach

Circle the words where you get a zzzz sound. One is done for you.

honeybees, price, prize, maze, face, rice, rise, blaze, fizz, lazy, lacy, busy, racy, raise, rays, race. Ace, chase, this, these, frosty

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honeybees, prize, maze, blaze, fizz

Report writing

Ice cream

Everyone enjoys having an ice-cream on a hot summer day. Ice-creams are available in a variety of flavours. The most popular among them are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mango and pistachio. Chocolate ice-creams are more popular among children but my personal favourite is butterscotch. Popular ice-cream brands available in our area include Amul, Kwality, Meriiboy and Skei.

Word building

Refer textbook page number 7


  • Heat, street
  • Blows, goes
  • Hard, yard
  • Sky, my
  • Race, face
  • Label, table
  • Write, night
  • Play, obey

2. What do the following words describe in the poem.

  • Joyful sight
  • Little cart
  • Round umbrella

Unit 1 chapter 2

Wonderful waste

1. What were the preparations in the palace for?

The preparations were for a grand dinner in the palace.

2. Why did the Maharaja go into the kitchen in the afternoon?

The Maharaja went into the kitchen to take a look at the dishes that had been prepared for the feast.

3. What had the cook planned to do with the waste?

The cook had planned to throw them away.

4. Ingredients are the things that are used to make a dish. Circle the ingredients of avial in the box below.

Chillies, groundnut, wood, vegetable scraps, coconut, roasted peanuts, curd, pot, garlic, broken bangles, basket, curry leaves


Chillies, vegetable scraps, coconut, curd, garlic, curry leaves

5. State whether the following are true or false.

(i) The king had ordered a dinner in the palace. (True)

(ii) No one had heard of or tasted avial before. (True)

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(iii) The cook had planned to make another dish using the vegetable scraps. (False)

1. A recipe is a list of directions to prepare a dish. Refer textbook page number 13.


  • Wash and clean the mix of vegetable bits.
  • Cut the vegetable scraps into long strips
  • Grind some coconut, green chillies and garlic
  • Whip some curd and mix it in.
  • Pour some coconut oil on top.
  • Decorate with curry leaves.
  • Avial is ready.

2. Choose five things that you do when you reach home from school. Write them in order.

Refer textbook page number 13

  • First, I put away school bag
  • Then, I change out of school uniform.
  • Next, I have lunch.
  • After that, I sleep for a while.
  • Finally, I do the home work.

Word building

1. Some words have more than one meaning.

  • Ground (noun) – solid surface of the earth, floor,
  • Ground (verb) – prevent from flying
  • Survey (noun) – an examination of opinions,
  • Survey (verb) – examine something; measure an area of land
  • Scrap (noun) – fragment, piece, bit,
  • Scrap (verb) – throw away, discard
  • Sternly (adverb) – severely, harshly
  • Tempting (adjective) – attractive, inviting

2. Make new words by adding or dropping a few letters from the root word. Refer textbook page number 15.

Pound – pounded – pounding

Try – tried – trying

Large – larger – largest (no past or ing form)

New – newer – newest (no past or ing form)

Tasty – tasted – tasting – tastier – tastiest

Wise – wiser – wisest (no past or ing form)

Stare – stared – staring

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Clean – cleaned – cleaning – cleaner – cleanest

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