What Are Verbs | Class 7 English Grammar

A verb is a word or phrase which says what a person or thing is, has or does. A verb is also used to say what happens or is done to a person or thing.

John plays.
John has a ball.
John is a good player.
John is loved by all.

In the above examples, the words in italics say what John does, is or has, or what happens or is done to him.

A verb may consist of more than one word.

Alice writes. (Verb – writes)
Alice is writing. (Verb – is writing)
Alice has been writing. (Verb – has been writing)
Alice will have been writing. (Verb – will have been writing)

The verb is the most important word in a clause or sentence. Note that every clause and every sentence must have at least one verb.

Verbs change their form when the number or person of the subject changes.


Raju has a ball.

Raju and Radha have a ball.

Has becomes have when the subject is a plural noun.

She goes to school by bus.

They go to school by bus.

The verb ‘go’ becomes ‘goes’ when the subject is a singular noun or pronoun.

It is easy to recognize a verb. Just check whether a particular word has an ing form. All verbs have ing forms.

write – writing

sing – singing

come – coming

play – playing

Verbs also have present, past and past participle forms.

work – worked – worked

write – wrote – written

play – played – played

come – came – come


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