Phrasal Verbs With Bring

In English, there are several phrasal verbs which use the word bring. We will learn about common phrasal verbs with bring in this lesson.

Bring about

To bring about something is to cause it to happen.

  • Emperor Asoka brought about many reforms during his reign.
  • Land reforms of the 1960s brought about significant improvements in the lives of the poor.

Bring around

To bring somebody around is to change their view about something.

  • I doubt that we will be able to bring her around to our views.

To bring somebody round / around is to restore them to consciousness.

  • We were anxious but the doctors were able to bring her round.

Bring back

To bring something back is to return it.

  • When are you going to bring me my camera back?

Bring down

To bring down something is to make it fall or collapse.

  • It was corruption that brought the government down.
  • A kick in the stomach brought him down.
  • The news of his sister’s untimely demise brought him down. (= depressed him)

Bring off

To bring something off is to succeed at doing something difficult.

  • No one thought that she would be able to give a presentation in front of such a large gathering, but she brought it off.

Bring on

Bring on is similar to bring about.

  • His lung cancer was brought on by years of smoking.
  • The strong scent of the perfume brought on his headache.

Bring out

To bring something out is publish or release it.

  • Do you think she is going to bring out another novel?
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Bring up

To bring a topic up is to mention it.

  • I don’t want you to bring up his family problems when you meet him tomorrow.

Bring up

To bring up children is to raise them.

  • He was mostly brought up by his grandmother.

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