Tips For Scoring Well In Tests

Tests are a way for you and your teacher to measure how well you have learned the material covered by the class. Think of them as a challenge! Here are some tips for studying for tests.

Before the test make sure to find out ahead of time what material the test will cover, what type of test it will be and how the test will be graded.

Study in a place that is free of distractions. Have ready all the things you will need such as paper, pens, or a calculator.

Study at a time when you are alert and not hungry or sleepy.

Don’t wait until the last minute to study! Short daily study sessions are better than one long session the night before the test.

Set a goal for each study period. If you are being tested on three chapters, set up four study sessions, one for each chapter and one for a review of the main ideas in all three chapters.

Repetition is the key! Read and reread your class notes and the relevant chapters in the textbook. Pretend that you are explaining the material to someone else.

Create your own study aids. Do any practice exams or study sheets provided by the teacher. These will help you focus your study session and give you confidence.

Get help from the teacher if you do not understand something.

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