Change Tense As Directed Worksheet For Class 6

This tenses worksheet tests your understanding of various tense forms. Change the tense as directed.

1. I met them on 4th January. (change into simple future)

2. They will arrive in the afternoon. (change into present continuous)

3. He had a tough time finding a good job. (change into simple present)

4. I know the answer. (change into simple past)

5. She has agreed to come. (change into simple past)

6. It will take me a long time to reach his home. (change into simple past)

7. They have finished the job. (change into future perfect)

8. It was not my fault. (change into simple future)

9. What did you do then? (change into simple future)

10. Did they finish the job? (change into present perfect)

11. She was here in the morning. (change into simple future)

12. The car won’t start. (change into simple past)

13. They have gone. (change into future perfect)

14. I appreciate his work. (change into future perfect)

15. Where are they going? (change into present perfect)

16. He will come back in an hour. (change into simple past)

17. They have already finished the job. (change into future perfect)

18. We will win the championship. (change into simple past)

19. She asked many questions. (change into simple present)

20. He watched a lot of movies. (change into simple present)

21. They impressed us with their wonderful performance. (change into present perfect)

22. I waited for hours. (change into past continuous)

23. She learned her lesson. (change into present perfect)

24. I am waiting for the bus. (change into present perfect continuous)

25. It rained for hours. (change into past perfect continuous tense)


1. I will meet them on 4th January. (simple future)

2. They are arriving in the afternoon. (present continuous)

3. He has a tough time finding a good job. (simple present)

4. I knew the answer. (simple past)

5. She agreed to come. (simple past)

6. It took me a long time to reach his home. (simple past)

7. They will have finished the job. (future perfect)

8. It will not be my fault. (simple future)

9. What will you do then? (simple future)

10. Have they finished the job? (present perfect)

11. She will be here in the morning. (simple future)

12. The car did not start. (simple past)

13. They will have gone. (future perfect)

14. I will have appreciated his work. (future perfect)

15. Where have they gone? (present perfect)

16. He came back in an hour. (simple past)

17. They will have already finished the job. (future perfect)

18. We won the championship. (simple past)

19. She asks many questions. (simple present)

20. He watches a lot of movies. (simple present)

21. They have impressed us with their wonderful performance. (present perfect)

22. I was waiting for hours. (past continuous)

23. She has learned her lesson. (present perfect)

24. I have been waiting for the bus. (present perfect continuous)

25. It had been raining for hours. (past perfect continuous tense)

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