Change Tense As Directed | Class 10 Grammar Worksheet

Change tense as directed.

1. She will come in the afternoon. (Change into simple past)

2. I will not permit this. (Change into simple past)

3. She lives in the US. (Change into present continuous)

4. I have known them for a long time. (Change into past perfect)

5. What are you doing in my room? (Change into past continuous)

6. She didn’t recognize him. (Change into present perfect)

7. She ran a restaurant in town. (Change into simple present)

8. They are having lunch now. (Change into future continuous)

9. He was waiting for an opportunity. (Change into present perfect continuous)

10. They had finished the job. (Change into future perfect)


1. She came in the afternoon. (simple past)

2. I did not permit this. (simple past)

3. She is living in the US. (present continuous)

4. I had known them for a long time. (past perfect)

5. What were you doing in my room? (past continuous)

6. She hasn’t recognized him. (present perfect)

7. She runs a restaurant in town. (simple present)

8. They will be having lunch now. (future continuous)

9. He has been waiting for an opportunity. (present perfect continuous)

10. They will have finished the job. (future perfect)

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