Careers In Information Technology

The Indian software industry is on a roll. India’s strong foothold in the IT and IT enabled services (ITES) sector has paved the way for assured returns. With opportunities opening up in the Middle East, Africa, South and Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, Indian software services companies are all set to witness and exponential growth.

Who are qualified?

Engineers are much in demand. Some companies do recruit non-engineers too. A graduate or a post graduate degree in IT or other related areas will give a strong foothold in the industry. The person should be good with numbers and must have commendable analytical skills. The salary structure in the IT sector has been doubling on a year-on-year basis. Software engineers or programmers working for major IT companies like Google India can expect to earn 5 to 38 lakhs per year.

The four sectors that offer most jobs are –Programme Management, Solution Architect, HR and Relationship Management

Programme Management

Programme management is the strategy that allows organizations to run multiple related projects at the same time and obtain significant benefits from them as a collection. Programme management is a way of controlling project management. Traditionally it focuses on delivering new capabilities and services, building new business plans and strategic objectives.

Solution architect

The solution architect is responsible for the design of the solution, managing the functional specification, guarding the architectural integrity and managing critical trade-offs. S/he is the link between the business side of the solution and the technology side. The ideal candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in computing, technical knowledge and operations. S/He is also expected to have good writing, interpersonal and communication skills.

HR and Relationship management

This is the industry term for methodologies, software and usually internet capabilities that help an enterprise manage customer relationships in an organized way. An organization can build a database about its customers so that everyone from management to salespeople to general public can access it.

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