Acorns and pumpkins


Large pumpkins grow on weak vines and tiny acorns hang from majestic trees.

A woman was walking through a meadow, reflecting on the many surprises and contradictions in nature. While strolling about, she came upon a field. There she saw tiny vines laden with big, golden pumpkins.  In the corner of the field, stood a majestic oak tree.

She sat under the oak tree wondering why should have nature have put tiny acorns on huge branches and huge pumpkins on tiny vines. She thought to herself, “God has indeed committed a blunder. His creation is full of errors. He should have put the small acorns on the tiny vines and the large pumpkins on the huge branches.”

She had been walking around for a while now. She was tired and decided to get some rest. She stretched out under the oak tree and soon dozed off. A few minutes after falling asleep she was awakened by a tiny acorn bouncing off her nose. Chuckling to herself, she rubbed her nose and thought, ‘Maybe God was right after all! Had the pumpkin fallen on my head, I would have been dead now.’

Quite often we assume ourselves to be wiser than our creator. We are never satisfied with His plans for us. If only we knew that He knows better.

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