Kids And Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are virtual communities where people convene to chat, post pictures and messages. The good thing about social networking sites is that they create online communities. And they provide a good way for kids to express themselves. But there are some dangers too.

Tips for Social Networking:

Be kind to others. Don’t post bad comments about others. Think how you would feel if someone posted harmful materials about you. Think before you post. Material posted in these communities is public, could damage your reputation, or could be used to harm you. It is not private!

Take steps to protect yourself and others from bullying and harassment. Report concerns to the website and to a trusted adult. Report to an adult if someone posts threats of violence or self-harm. Such threats could be real threats. Don’t post threats yourself. Someone might take you seriously.

People online might not be who they seem to be. Don’t join hate communities. Don’t accept friend requests from unknown people. Don’t upload personally identifiable material like photos, address etc. Don’t let out email IDs or phone numbers. Never ever agree to meet strangers.

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