Atoms And Molecules | Class 9 Chemistry Chapter 3 | Exam Oriented Questions And Answers

Chemistry, Class 9 NCERT Solutions
These exam oriented questions are based on the chapter Atoms and Molecules taken from the NCERT Chemistry text book for class 9 students. 1. Why do different kinds of matter show different properties? Answer: Different kinds of matter show different properties because the atoms and molecules that constitute matter have different properties. 2. Which postulate of John Dalton was found to be wrong in the later days? Answers: According to John Dalton’s Atomic Theory, atoms are indivisible particles that cannot be created or destroyed by chemical reaction. This was later proved to be wrong. 3. How do we indicate the size of an atom? Answer: We indicate the size of an atom by its radius. 4. Name any two laws of chemical combination Answer Law of conservation of mass Law of definite…
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