Procrastination – The Biggest Enemy Of Success

Procrastination means the tendency to postpone the execution of things. All of us have to deal with this problem every now and then. We know we have to get certain tasks done. Nevertheless, we tend to procrastinate. Why?procrastination-image

Why do we tend to procrastinate?

Lack of motivation is the main cause of procrastination.  The reason people fail to get started is usually the lack of a strong enough reason. Consider what might happen if you don’t complete the tasks. Once you find a reason that is strong enough to do the task, the odds are good that you will complete the task.

How to deal with procrastination

It is not easy to totally remove the desire to procrastinate. Nevertheless, we can choose to take corrective measures to get ourselves on track. Do the thing you are resisting doing as quickly as possible and you’ll drastically reduce the times where feelings of procrastination rob you of achievement in your given endeavors. Here are certain tips to deal with procrastination.

Break it down

Break down the task into manageable pieces and knock them off one at one time. Focus on accomplishing what’s right in front of you at this moment. Planning ahead for the next year may seem overwhelming for some people. So take just one day at a time. Don’t look any further ahead than that.

Set a time frame

Set a time frame for accomplishing the task. You’ll be surprised – just by thinking through and planning you’re setting yourself to accomplish the goal unconsciously and you may even beat your own deadline!

Write it down

We know how important writing is to goal setting. It is equally important to beating procrastination.

Keep a diary of your activities. It forces you to see what you’re actually doing… and what you’re not doing. Be aware of the distractions, detours, and downright wastes of time you engage in during the course of a day. Once you are aware of these distractions, you can work towards getting rid of them. Try it. It works!

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