Political Science | Chapter 3.2 Why Do We Need A Constitution | Class 9 NCERT Solutions

Political Science
Political Science textbook for class 9 can be tough. No worries. Our exam oriented questions and answers will help you score good marks in class 9 social science exam. NCERT Guides.com provides NCERT solutions to textbooks of various classes and subjects. The following questions and answers are based on the 3rd chapter of Democratic Politics - 1 'Why do we need a constitution?' Chapter 3.2: Why do we need a constitution? Define constitution The constitution of a country is a set of written rules that are accepted by the citizens of that country. The constitution is the supreme law of the country and it determines how the government of that country will function. The constitution also lays down the rights and responsibilities of the citizens and defines the relationship between…
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Class 9 Political Science | Chapter 3 | Constitutional Design | NCERT Solutions

Class 9 NCERT Solutions, Political Science
What is a constitution? The constitution is the supreme law of the country. It writes down the rights and responsibilities of the citizens, the powers of the government and also dictates how the government should function. In this chapter we will learn how Indian constitution was made and what its fundamental values are. Activity Textbook Page 42 What would have happened in South Africa if the black majority had decided to take revenge on the Whites for all their oppression and exploitation? In South Africa, the Whites used to oppress and exploit the Black majority. Yet, when South Africa formed a new democratic government, they chose not to take revenge on the Whites. If they had decided to take revenge, it would have led to a lot of violence and…
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Class 9 English Grammar | Passage Editing Worksheet

This grammar exercise is designed for students of class 9. Read the passages given below. There is an error in each line. Identify the erroneous word and replace it with the correct word. Editing Exercise 1 More and more people in the country are looked at the sun for cleaner energy options and right so India receives a huge amounts of sunlight every year. If harnessed with cost effective methods this sunlight could be used to producing a whooping 600 giga watts of electricity. This is more than 5 time the annual power consumption of India what is only 120 giga watts. But in spite the fact that the potential is huge, what India currently derive is only 10-15 mega watts annually. Answers Error / Correction Looked / looking Right…
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Atoms And Molecules | Class 9 Chemistry Chapter 3 | Exam Oriented Questions And Answers

Chemistry, Class 9 NCERT Solutions
These exam oriented questions are based on the chapter Atoms and Molecules taken from the NCERT Chemistry text book for class 9 students. 1. Why do different kinds of matter show different properties? Answer: Different kinds of matter show different properties because the atoms and molecules that constitute matter have different properties. 2. Which postulate of John Dalton was found to be wrong in the later days? Answers: According to John Dalton’s Atomic Theory, atoms are indivisible particles that cannot be created or destroyed by chemical reaction. This was later proved to be wrong. 3. How do we indicate the size of an atom? Answer: We indicate the size of an atom by its radius. 4. Name any two laws of chemical combination Answer Law of conservation of mass Law of definite…
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Class 9 English Communicative | The Bishop’s Candlesticks | Exam Oriented Questions And Answers

Class 9 NCERT Solutions, English
The following exam oriented questions and answers are based on the play The Bishop's Candlesticks. This lesson is designed for students of class 9 CBSE. English Communicative Drama 2 | The Bishop’s Candlesticks Short answer type questions 1. ‘I was a man once and I am a beast now. ‘ What circumstances turned the man into a beast in ‘The Bishop’s Candlesticks’? The protagonist was a jobless man who had stolen food for his ailing wife. The authorities put him in jail for this minor offense and he suffered inhuman treatment in the prison. He was given no food or medical attention. He was beaten like a beast. He underwent corporal punishment and had vermin all over his body. These atrocities that they inflicted on him ultimately turned him into a…
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