Why breakfast is important for children

Kids need breakfast. The body rests, sleeps and grows overnight. In the morning you need fuel. How can you function without food? Studies have proved that eating breakfast improves concentration and attention levels. Children can be badly affected if they go to school on an empty stomach.

What to eat for breakfast?


Dosa, the favorite breakfast of South Indians, is a wholesome food. It is healthy and tasty.

Kids need to be alert and focused, lest their studies suffer. Low blood sugar and dehydration are the two main causes that make our focus waver. Therefore the food you eat must prevent crashes in blood sugar levels. Include wholegrain breads and other foods rich in carbohydrates (dosas, iddlis, chapathis) in your breakfast. All these foods contain fibre and starchy carbos, which help maintain steady blood sugar levels. It is important to include iron rich foods in your breakfast. Iron helps keep hemoglobin levels high. It carries oxygen from lungs around the body. Low iron intake can cause anemia, which ruins concentration and leads to extreme tiredness. Vitamin C helps us absorb and use iron better. Tomatoes, lemons and pomegranate juices are good sources of vitamin C. Take fluids like juices and tea along with breakfast. It will help avoid dehydration. Have eggs, bananas and natural yoghurt. They are rich in magnesium, a de-stresser, and B group vitamins.

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