The Most Dangerous Animals In The World

Wild animals generally avoid all contact with people. Attacks on humans usually occur only when animals have been provoked or surprised. Such attacks, however, are believed to be on the rise as people increasingly encroach on nature through outdoor recreation, or by moving into remote areas. Here is a list of some killer animals in news.


Don’t believe what you see on Cartoon Network. Hippos aren’t cheerful, and fun. In fact, they are mean and aggressive, killing more people in Africa than any other animal. They are the third-largest land animal in the world, behind the elephant and the rhinoceros, weighing up to 9,000 pounds. Even pygmy hippos weigh 350 to 600 pounds. Hippos spend most of their days in rivers and lakes, where they feed on aquatic plants. At night they feed on land. Highly territorial, hippos have been known to capsize a boat and bite off the head of the hapless sailor. This is easy since their tusks can reach 28 inches long and their mouths can open four feet wide. It is also extremely unwise to get between a hippo and her young.


The prehistoric crocodile is a ruthless and feared hunter. It is the largest and most intelligent reptile. There are 26 species, the largest of which, the saltwater crocodile, can be more than 20 feet long. Larger species attack and eat humans and livestock, devouring flesh and bone with their powerful jaws and jagged teeth. Crocodiles are usually more aggressive than their cousins, alligators. In parts of Africa, crocodile attacks on humans can be a regular occurrence, making them the second most dangerous animal, after hippos.

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While they are reputed to be scavengers, hyenas are also skilled hunters. Attacks on humans are not unknown. Hyenas hunt in teams, often circling and wearing down much larger animals, such as wildebeests and zebras. If a hyena clan is large enough, it will challenge a pride of lions in a battle over food.

Big Cats

Attacks on humans by lions, leopards, tigers, and other big cats may be increasing, as people encroach on their habitats. In India, tiger habitats are facing increasing encroachment by farmers, with subsequent reports of increased attacks. Often, a tiger or other cat will approach a farm in search of domestic animals and kill the farmer who was defending his herd. The cat could like the taste of humans and realize how easy people are to hunt and kill. Man-eating leopards will enter a village in search of prey, but tigers will not. Sometimes older cats will turn to humans when wild animal prey has become too hard to catch. Lions are massive enough to crush their victims, while smaller leopards rely on speed and aggression. They rush at their prey leaving it little chance of escape or self-defense.

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