Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 7 | Simple Present Tense

This grammar worksheet tests your ability to change active voice sentences in the simple present tense into passive voice.

In the simple present tense, we make the passive form by putting is / am / are before the past participle form of the verb.

Use is when the subject is a singular noun or pronoun. (Examples: bird, child, book, he, she, it)

Use are when the subject is a plural noun or pronoun. (Examples: birds, children, books, they, you, we)

Use am when the subject is the first person singular pronoun I.

Change into passive voice.

passive voice worksheet


1. Nuts are eaten by squirrels.

2. Beautiful rangolis are made by my sister.

3. Worms are eaten by birds.

4. Mice are killed by cats.

5. Fruits are given by trees.

6. Flowers are sold by the girl.

7. Delicious cakes are baked by my mother.

8. We are taught English by Simon. / English is taught to us by Simon.

9. The guitar is played by Martin.

10. Children are loved by their parents.

11. Nests are made by birds.

12. Tables and chairs are made by carpenters.

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