Participial Phrases Exercise For Class 9 CBSE

We can connect two sentences using a participial phrase. Note that a participial phrase is a phrase that begins with a participle or ing form. Examples are: working hard, running fast, looking around etc.

Study the examples given below.

  • He received the message. He started at once.

Here both clauses have the same subject – he – and they refer to two actions performed by the subject.

In this case, we can reduce the clause expressing the earlier action/situation into a participial phrase and add it to the other clause.

Here we can write:

  • Having received the message, he started at once.

We use the perfect participle (having received) here because the second action commences only after the first action is finished.

Now study the example given below.

  • The children spent hours in the park. They played various games.

Here we are talking about two actions that went on simultaneously. These two sentences can also be connected using a participial phrase.

We write:

  • The children spent hours in the park playing various games.

Participial Phrase Exercise for Class 9 CBSE

1. He ran as fast as he could. He overtook all others.

2. She looked out of the window. She enjoyed the rains.

3. He knocked on the door. He demanded admission.

4. He walked around the car. He inspected the wheels.

5. I spent the afternoon in my room. I read books and watched movies.

6. He leaned out of the window. He tried to pluck the fruit.


1. Running as fast as he could, he overtook all others.

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2. Looking out of the window, he enjoyed the rains.

3. Knocking on the door, he demanded admission.

4. Walking around the car, he inspected the wheels.

5. I spent the afternoon in my room reading books and watching movies.

6. Leaning out of the window, he tried to pluck the fruit.

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