Class 10 Tenses Exercise CBSE

Test your understanding of tenses with this grammar exercise. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate tense form.

English Grammar Worksheets and Exercises

1. The patient ————— last night.

a) die
b) died
c) dead
d) was dying

2. We —————– them two weeks ago.

a) had visited
b) visited
c) would visit
d) visit

3. The sun ——————- when we went out.

a) shone
b) was shining
c) shines
d) would shine

4. I saw him ——————- the money.

a) stole
b) stolen
c) steal
d) had stolen

5. Yesterday I ————— a new watch as my old one ————- stolen.

a) buy, is
b) bought, had been
c) bought, was
d) bought, have been

6. He thanked me for what I —————

a) did
b) had done
c) would do
d) do

7. I ——————– here for the last two years.

a) had lived
b) am living
c) lived
d) have been living

8. They —————- a house in Delhi two years ago.

a) had bought
b) bought
c) buy
d) would buy

9. I usually —————– the newspaper in the evening.

a) am reading
b) read
c) will
d) would read

10. Ever since I ————– my home in 2001, I ————— living here.

a) left, was
b) leave, have been
c) leaving, have been
d) left, have been

11. The patient ————– before the doctor ————-

a) had died, arrived
b) died, arrived
c) dead, arrived
d) would die, arrived

12. She usually —————– white dresses.

a) wear
b) wears
c) was wearing
d) would wear

13. He —————- just decided that he —————– undertake the job.

a) had, would
b) has, would
c) would, had
d) had, could

14. I —————- never forget what you just ————— me.

a) will, told
b) would, told
c) had, told
d) will, tell

15. I —————— to her and she —————- at once.

a) wrote, came
b) would write, will come
c) write, comes
d) have written, came

16. When we —————– the station, the train ————- already left.

a) would reach, had
b) reached, had
c) reach, had
d) reach, would

17. The tomatoes —————- picked when they were ripe.

a) are
b) were
c) were being
d) are being

18. The national anthem —————- after the function got over.

a) is sung
b) was sung
c) would sing
d) had sung

19. The criminals ——————– arrested

a) is
b) have been
c) were been
d) had been

20. Many people ——————- in the riots.

a) was killed
b) is killed
c) were killed
d) have killed

21. He —————- the distance in a record time.

a) ran
b) had run
c) was running
d) had ran

22. After the visitor —————– she went into the kitchen.

a) went
b) gone
c) had gone
d) have gone

23. Are the wild animals ——————- by the hunter?

a) hunted
b) were hunted
c) being hunted
d) were being hunted

24. Nobody —————– cheated by her.

a) were
b) has
c) had
d) has been

25. Our country shall not —————– betrayed by us.

a) have been
b) had been
c) have
d) had


1. died
2. visited
3. was shining
4. steal
5. bought, had been
6. had done
7. have been living
8. bought
9. read
10. left, have been
11. had died, arrived
12. wears
13. had, would
14. will, told
15. wrote, came
16. reached, had
17. were
18. was sung
19. have been
20. were killed
21. ran
22. had gone
23. being hunted
24. has been
25. have been

Tenses worksheets and exercises for class 10

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