Tenses Worksheet For Class 6 CBSE

Do as directed

1. We reached school at 9 am. (Change into simple future)

2. Father will repair the car. (Change into simple past)

3. I will build a sand castle. (Change into simple past)

4. Girish planted a tree. (Change into simple present)

5. It is a nice morning. (Change into simple past)

6. I will bring mango juice to the party. (Change into simple past)

7. Mini enjoys playing chess. (Change into simple past)

8. I will buy a pen. (Change into simple past)

9. He worked at a bank. (Change into simple present)

10. My father takes me to school every day. (Change into simple past)


1. We will reach school at 9 am.

2. Father repaired the car.

3. I built a sand castle.

4. Girish plants a tree.

5. It was a nice morning.

6. I brought mango juice to the party.

7. Mini enjoyed playing chess.

8. I bought a pen.

9. He works at a bank.

10. My father took me to school every day.

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