Change Tense As Directed | Class 5 Grammar Worksheets

Change the tenses as directed.

Class 5 grammar worksheets

1. They are going to school. (Change into past continuous)

2. I saw him in the afternoon. (Change into simple future)

3. It was raining. (Change into present continuous)

4. She was watering the plants. (Present continuous)

5. I will wait for an hour. (Simple past)

6. She wanted to be a doctor. (Change into simple present)

7. The city was flooded after the rains. (Change into simple present)

8. We will move to Mumbai in January. (Change into simple past)

9. The teacher praised the boy for his work. (Change into simple future)

10. I took it as a compliment. (Change into simple present)


1. They were going to school.

2. I will see him in the afternoon.

3. It is raining.

4. She is watering the plants.

5. I waited for an hour.

6. She wants to be a doctor.

7. The city is flooded after the rains.

8. We moved to Mumbai in January.

9. The teacher will praise the boy for his work.

10. I take it as a compliment.

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