Change Tense As Directed | Class 5 Grammar Worksheets

Change tense as directed. This worksheet is helpful for students of classes 5 and 6.

1. I went to the market. (change into present continuous tense)

2. I met him once. (change into present perfect)

3. She was here at 8 am. (change into simple future)

4. They will come in the afternoon. (change into simple past)

5. You haven’t offered me any help. (change into simple past)

6. He told you a lie. (change into present continuous)

7. That was a bad place to go hiking. (change into simple present)

8. I don’t know the answer. (change into simple past)

9. I want to become an engineer. (change into present perfect)

10. I have lived here since 1985. (change into present perfect continuous)

11. The girls are rehearsing their dialogues. (change into present perfect)

12. I have seen him there. (change into simple past)


1. I am going to the market. (present continuous tense)

2. I have met him once. (present perfect)

3. She will be here at 8 am. (simple future)

4. They came in the afternoon. (simple past)

5. You didn’t offer me any help. (simple past)

6. He is telling you a lie. (present continuous)

7. That is a bad place to go hiking. (simple present)

8. I didn’t know the answer. (simple past)

9. I have wanted to become an engineer. (present perfect)

10. I have been living here since 1985. (present perfect continuous)

11. The girls have rehearsed their dialogues. (present perfect)

12. I saw him there. (simple past)

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