Change Tense As Directed | Class 5 Grammar Worksheets

Change tense as directed.

1. I am writing a poem. (Change into simple past)

2. They live nearby. (Change into simple past)

3. I recognized them immediately. (Change into simple future)

4. She will come in the afternoon. (Change into simple past)

5. She is working on a new project. (Change into present perfect continuous)

6. Where did they live? (Change into simple present)

7. How did they find out? (Change into simple future)

8. You will never listen to me. (Change into simple present)

9. She lives alone in a small hut. (Change into present continuous)

10. She has been looking for a job for six months. (Change into past continuous)

11. They have finished the job. (Change into future perfect tense)

12. I did not receive the invite. (Change into past perfect)


1. I wrote a poem. (Simple past)

2. They lived nearby. (Simple past)

3. I will recognize them immediately. (Simple future)

4. She came in the afternoon. (Simple past)

5. She has been working on a new project. (Present perfect continuous)

6. Where do they live? (Simple present)

7. How will they find out? (Simple future)

8. You never listen to me. (Simple present)

9. She is living alone in a small hut. (Present continuous)

10. She was looking for a job for six months. (Past continuous)

11. They will have finished the job. (Future perfect tense)

12. I had not received the invite. (Past perfect)

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