CBSE Class 10 English Grammar Editing Exercise

This editing exercise is similar to the editing task you would find in your class 10 English Exam.

The following passage has not been edited. There is an error in each line. Identify the error and write both the incorrect word and the correct word in the given spaces. The first one has been done for you.

CBSE Class 10 Editing exercise 1

Life requires atleast three essential ingredients – water, heat and (a)atleastat least
carbon-based molecules – and Enceladus may possesses all three of them. (b)
As Cassini flew through the plumes of tiny ice crystals raising into space (c)
from the eruptions, it also detected simple carbon-based molecules as (d)
methane and carbon dioxide, suggests that more complicated (e)
carbon molecules might lay on the moon’s surface. As for the (f)
temperature, it was expecting to be minus 166 degrees Celsius, but it (g)
turned up to be more than 38 degrees warmer. (h)


a) Error – atleast / correction – at least

b) Error – possesses / correction – possess (We use the first form of the verb after modal auxiliary verbs.)

c) Error – raising / correction – rising

d) Error – as / correction – like / such as

e) Error – suggests / correction – suggesting

f) Error – lay / correction – lie

g) Error – expecting / correction – expected

h) Error – up / correction – out

Class 10 Editing exercise 2

Trekking is for people who seek adventure, who likes to be (a)likeslike
surrounded with the snow-capped mountains, who like to drink (b)
from the streams, and sleep below starry skies. It is certainly (c)
not for a do-nothing holiday. Trekking involves hardly physical (d)
activity, and it could be potentially dangerous. But there is rewards (e)
also: the thrill of the outdoors, flower filled valleys, gurgling (f)
streams, and snowy mountains are the things that shall remain (g)
freshly in your memory for ever. (h)


a) Error – likes / correction – like (Here the subject is the plural noun people.)

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b) Error – with / correction – by

c) Error – below / correction – under

d) Error – hardly / correction – hard

e) Error – is / correction – are (When the noun following there is plural, the verb should be plural.)

f) Error – also; correction – too (Also goes in the middle of a sentence; it does not go at the end.)

g) Error – shall / correction – will

h) Error – freshly / correction – fresh

Editing exercises for class 10 CBSE

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