Sports Quiz 4

1. Who is the only player after Bjorn Borg to have won three consecutive French Open titles?

a) Roger Federer b) Rafael Nadal c) Andre Agazzi d) none of these

2. F1 driver Lewis Hamilton belongs to

a) Spain b) England c) America d) Italy

3. Who among the following won the 100 metres gold at the Asian Grand Prix athletics?

a) Susanthika Jayasinghe b) Guzel Khubbieva c) Anju Bobby George d) None of these

4. Who is the number 1 ranked chess player in the world today?

a) Vladimir Kramnik b) V Anand c) Tolopov d) None of these

5. Who was the first captain to lead India to a series victory in England?

a) M Azharuddin b) Kapil Dev c) Wadekar d) None of these


1. Rafael Nadal

2. England

3. Guzel Khubbieva

4. V Anand

5. Wadekar

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