Sports Quiz 3

1. Who is the first Indian captain to both win his first Test and claim the man of the match award?

a) Saurav Ganguly b) Anil Kumble c) Rahul Dravid d) Tendulkar

2. Which city is going to host the world’s richest golf tournament?

a) Dubai b) Doha c) London d) Paris

3. Which city will host the Olympic Games in 2008?

a) Beijing b) New Delhi c) Seoul d) Athens

4. When did India host the Asian Games for the first time?

a) 1951 b) 1961 c) 1996 d) Never

5. Who won the F1 drivers title in 2006?

a) Raikkonen b) Schumacher c) Alonso d) Hamilton


1. Anil Kumble

2. Dubai

3. Beijing

4. 1951

5. Alonso

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