Sports Quiz 2

1. This sprinter who won the 100 m race at the 1988 Seoul Olympics was later tested positive for a banned substance and stripped of his medal. Who is he?

a) Ben Johnson b) Linford Christie c) Justin Gatlin d) None of these

2. How many medals did Marion Jones won at the 2000 Sydney Olympics?

a) six b) five c) four d) seven

3. Who among the following footballer has faced a ban for using performance enhancing drugs?

a) Pele b) Garry Linekar c) Maradona d) Beckham

4. Alberto Contador who won the Tour de France title this year belongs to which team?

a) US Postal service b) Discovery Channel c) Spanish Postal team d) None of these

5. Which country hosted the Olympic Games in 2008?

a) India b) Russia c) Japan d) China


1. Ben Johnson

2. five

3. Maradona

4. Discovery Channel

5. China

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