Monsoon ailments

Monsoon is very much here. Along with the rainfall there is also a sudden increase in the occurrence of a number of ailments peculiar to this season. Chief among them are typhoid fever, cholera, gastroenteritis, dengue fever, malaria and rat fever.

Keep diseases at bay

During monsoon intestinal functions and the digestive system become weak, making the body highly susceptible to any kind of infection. Here are some tips for staying healthy during the rainy season.

  • Always eat light food. Spicy and fried foods must be avoided as far as possible.
  • Drinking water should be boiled and properly filtered.
  • Avoid consuming food that is exposed to the surroundings for a long time, since it could be contaminated by germs. Cook the vegetables well and steam them properly to kill the germ content in them, if any.
  • Prohibit mosquito – breeding since they are the carriers of deadly germs. Do not let water accumulate in your surroundings. Put a few drops of kerosene or Phenyl in the stagnant water to check mosquito breeding. Mosquito net should be used wherever possible.
  •  Check the wiring, switches and plugs to avoid electric injury. Do not handle electric appliances with wet hands.


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