Fun Exercises For Kids

There are numerous fun exercises that will help children improve their hand-eye co-ordination, posture, cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and over all well being. Here are some of them.

Run free in the park. Most children love to race around and play. The park is the perfect place for that. So make it a point to visit your nearest park as often as possible.

Go for cycling. It is a good exercise. It is fun too. Children can also use skateboards, roller-skates or stilts. Ball games that involve throwing and catching are a fantastic way to improve hand-to-eye coordination. So have a game of cricket or tennis every now and then. Playing football also keeps kids fit and healthy.

Swimming is another marvelous all round exercise for children. Learning to swim teaches kids to be focused and it is full of fun too.

A traditional game such as skipping is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. Performing arts and dance classes are also good as they teach children to be disciplined from a young age.

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